Feat and Skill description

From: Alain Rameau <karamo_at_...>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 14:16:59 -0000

I already raised the point, but the absence of feat description gives me some concerns.

For example, what is Humakt's "Kill Undead" feat ? It gives an edge when fighting undead ? It acts similarly to the Death secret Feat but vs Undead only ? It allows a one shot simple contest to remove an Undead from combat ?...

You'll probably say : any of them, at your choice !

Great! But it will be very difficult to "import" characters from one campaign to another (mastered by two different Narrators), and it will be difficult to discuss on this list beacuse we won't have the same language anymore !
This happened in RQ as well, as the skill description was subject to different interpretation, but not as huge as I expect it could be here !

I really think some guidances would be a good thing.

On a different (but related) subject, I guess that the Humakt gift "Recover 1 AP per round (as long as AP above 0)" applies only during *Combat* extended contests, not other kind of contests such as oratory contests (unless the discussion is relating to Humakt mythology may be, but in this vase this gift should be accesible by any devotee in relation to his god).


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