Re: Comparing skills and feats

From: mark.buckley_at_...
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 15:07:47 -0000

> Comparison skills vs feat
> Very often, skills and feat are similar. How to play the difference
betweeen the two ?
> For exemple, who is better : the thief using her skill Move
Silently 2W, or
> the Odayla Initiate using his feat Move Silently 2W (Hide
Affinity). Any advantage
> for one of them ?

Something that I don't understand, on HW p 137 the example gives Kallai fighting a zombie, using his 5w Sword & Shield ability. His APs have dropped to 21 and he switches to his Kill Undead feat of 17. Why should he do this? He's getting a lower skill and keeping his current APs. The example implies that the zombie is vulnerable to Fight Undead in some way to make it worthwhile, but how?



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