Re: 'tis as bitter to give as receive ? (Re: concentration counter to membership?)

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 14:32:29 -0700

> Hmmmm, Peter says this, but in his reply, Roderick says that using or
> getting any of the banned magics is the problem. One expert says it
> is what you give, the other says it is what you receive? Anyone want
> to wade in with a tie breaking vote?

The rules say "learning excluded magic" (page 108) (since you had to give up all non-concentrated magic when you concentrated, you shouldn't currently have "forbidden" magic, unless your narrator is the kind that says "Sure, you can keep those charms on your sheet, no problem..." :}) ).

> (FWIW, I think both positions are reasonable, and most religions
> allow mixed worshippers, so that might be the exception that eats the
> rule, i.e. you can concentrate on innate magic and still be a
> communal worshipper of the storm tribe, because at that level the
> religion is a mixed one.)

Pretty much true. Also, Community Support is not determined by magical system, but by level of support you're willing to give. And, Heroband Guardians don't require a particular magical system to act on all the members of the band. From all this, I say "sure, you can attend the ceremony, and even lend support".

Now, the *social* problems inherent in attending a shamanic ceremony might well be more than the theistic hero wants to face...

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