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From: David Dunham <dunham_at_...>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 11:19:28 -0700

Richard ranted

>You know, things really -should- convert.
>After all, the game system is just a mechanism to determine the
>outcome of a task - a model of how the game reality works. HW is
>one model, the old RQ/BRP-style mechanism was another. But
>both systems are modeling the same reality, right?

No, they don't. Hero Wars doesn't model reality, it models dramatic storytelling. Drama doesn't require knowing each person's SIZ stat, and so Hero Wars doesn't give everyone statistics.

And on conversion per se, Hero Wars theists have far more magic than almost any RuneQuest character.

And it's pretty easy to convert if you think dramatically. An NPC may already have a few sentences, and his dramatic role (plus the RQ skill list) should let you figure out the rest. I don't see it as a mechanistic process, however.

>I'm hoping that lobbying efforts now will help get conversion
>guidelines in print soon.

In my opinion, the time spent trying to come up with a scheme would be better spent actually doing some conversions... (This is based on my thinking that the former is a hopeless task, of course.) Perhaps we can kill two birds with one stone and convert something Praxian...

Michael added

>Yes, but you should still be able to define levels of compentency in both
>systems and relate them to one another.

This depends on the level of the series. If you're playing a stickpicker game, you'd want to end up with different numbers (perhaps a 90% skill is only an 18, where in a higher level game it would be 9w).


> >...Because of the diminishing returns in RQ,
> >150% might be 1w2, 200% 1w3. So I'd be
> >wary of any purely linear conversion scheme.
>That's not diminishing returns! 1W2 (IIRC) should beat 1W 90% of the time, but
>I wouldn't say the same about 150% vs 90%. I certainly wouldn't say that 200%
>vs 150% would win 90% of the time.

I was thinking of the relative difficulty of increasing abilities over 100% in RQ.


>Why not say that Cliffs systematically bid (Starting AP) - (Current AP) ?

This would let the Universe bid more than it had. In general, not good practice, though perhaps in this case it makes more sense.

I'm sure some people are coming up with mountain climbing scenarios, but in most games climbing a cliff is not more than a couple of quick scenes, so it would be a simple contest anyway...


>it seems to me as if magic is
>a lot more low-key in HW than it ever was in RQ. The _amount_ of magic
>going around has increased, but the average _power_ of it has decreased.

Admittedly our playtest rules didn't necessarily reflect the final product, but I'd say it was both more common *and* more powerful (since it's in a sense open-ended). After all, a significant percentage of player heroes will now have ranged killing magic.

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