PraxPack, 3, 2, 1, 0, Ignition !

From: Philippe Krait <>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 09:34:29 +0100


I think we now have (although barely) the resources to start looking at what we could put in PraxPack.

Moreover, all of us, as well a a few other people want to write and adapt things for it, in different areas, which is fairly important as well ! :-)

For better day to day communication, I have also started a PraxPack Mailing List on Don't forget to subscribe to participate !

As the people involved have not subscribed to the list yet, I will make a few general answers here :

Contents : I think that the suggestions about a Player's Guide (Beast Riders) and one (or more) setting guides are generally accepted so we will move in that direction. About the setting Guide, I think that with only one main geographical / political terrain one major setting guide should be sufficient, although extensions for Pavis and Sun County could be envisioned. The book of myths would, I think, be pretty useful as well. The table of contents needs discussing, but I will leave that as one of the first threads on the PraxPack ML. I also think that a campaign / scenario book would not be wasted As well as a few ideas personal, what about Borderlands for example ? I'm not sure that a lot of people still have it because it's so old and it's still (IMHO) a very good campaign).

Start : To get things going, I think that each of us should start with one thing that he likes well and try his hand at translating it. We should pick our one from Greg(ory)'s site.

Poll : I'm replying (partially) to a private e-mail here, but I think that the point is important. The aim is not to collegially decide what will and will not be in the PraxPack. The aim is to do a survey so that the contents, as decided by the "core" team of writers / collaborators can be nearer to what is expected by the players out there. We will try to give regular updates about what is going to be included. And if somebody doesn't agree, there are two possibilities : if it's not to be included, write something and if it raises our enthusiasm, there will be a good chance that it can be included. It it is to be included and you disagree, tough : to be included, somebody enthusiastic will have to have written it first...

I think this is all for now. I will come back to the regular ML to give updates now and then, of course, and I'm still listening...

All help is more than welcome, of course. If you happen to create new praxian things for Hero Wars, or translate something even remotely praxian to HW, don't forget to send it to the PraxPack Mailing List (see above).



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