Sartar Common Magic?

From: Joerg Baumgartner <joe_at_...>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 09:13:05 +0200 (CEST)

Jane Williams

>> It seems to have worked for Dorasar in Pavis, to close the
>> circle. And unlike for city gods, the magic is not restricted
>> to his country, but wherever his heirs were active.

> True - so that's all heirs. Descendants. Blood-line stuff.

> (considers) You know, if this was a normal clan bloodline, not a Royal > one, we'd be calling it "common magic".

Royal bloodline, and the tiny little fact that Sartar underwent an apotheosis.

Since this is the rules list, let's tackle the immolation rules-wise:

Sartar gathered his followers and started a ritual which made him into a

  1. demigod or lesser god of the divine plane, with the flame a manifestation in the living world,


b) became a (somewhat greater) daimon of the land and the wyter of his principality, or perhaps even Dragon Pass (since he was King of Dragon Pass at that time, and the Praxian Marches up to Thieves Town in Pavis, too).

I prefer version a), but a lot of the magic drawn from Sartar seems to point to version b).

>> There has also been specific mention of Sartar performing a
>> Westfaring to aquire a wyter for his kingdom.

> Another good point. And *just* a Westfaring, without the rest of the
> LBQ, which seems very odd to me (but investigation shold probably be on
> the Glorantha list)

Just the Westfaring has been interpreted as the creation of a wyter (the Ginna Jar mystery, a deity made from apparently nowhere).

>> Jane Williams replying to RR:

>>> That's *her* (non-existent) relatives, once it's been relit.

>> non-existent my ass - how many (potential) heirs of Sartar
>> (aka Argraths) were present at that ceremony?

> Erm.... I can think of two off-hand. Fair enough, but let's at least get > the pronoun right?

So Vingans are referred to as females at all times?

>> "For the good of the principality of Sartar, I resist your
>> foul magic (and turn it into something wholesome?)"

> Nice!

IMO this would require some deeper relation to Sartar, and ought not be a standard sartarite defense against offensive magic.

>> Quite a lot of what Sartar did (as peacemaker, bringer of
>> trade) could be provided by Issaries Herald, though.

> Well, he *was* a Hero of Issaries.

And an Orlanthi king. Being the Issaries hero doesn't seem to have entitled any initiate status.

>> The
>> building feats are different, but I suspect they were more a
>> leadership magic than actual building magic.

> Maybe. Looks like some genuine Building magic got in there somewhere.

Secrets from the Mostali, according to the trouble Saronil had from building the Orlanth temple.

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