Re: Knowing the adversary's AP

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 07:43:44 -0700

> As I understand the rules, you can ask the Narrator what is your
> current AP are, once he or you have transfered/forfeit APs.
> Is that correct ?


> What is the rationale behind that ?

"When I left I was the learner, but now *I* am the master"

"You are good, old man, but not as good as me"

"because I'm not left-handed either"

There are numerous times that the protagonists can tell how good their opponent is and how the fight is going.

> Knowing the exact current APs of the adversary is a major advantage, as it
> the player to do mathematical bid calculation, which could spoil the fun
> the contest.

Uh, so don't do that.

> I would have expected that the player could not know that crucial point
> he his using some kind of feat or skill ? Or unless he assesses the AP
> to howc the adversary perfom during the contest ("OK, that guy appears to
> good at fighting" kind of thing, but not "OK, that guy is 10AP more than
> !), or according to description made by the Narrator ("Your adversary
> destabilized, and close to running away").

Since it was a relic from Robin's draft, I'll let him explain more if it needs it.


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