Re: You're in the army now

From: jeffrichard68 <jeff.richard_at_...>
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 18:04:18 -0000

> And, equally of course, we're all keeping our homeland religions,
> adding some Lunar touch or other - 7 moms common magic is the
> one. I just wanted to figure out the practicalities of how we'd
> worship ceremonies or whatever over the last few years.
> Are we saying this obvious campaign premise isn't actually

Cool idea and it is certainly possible. The players could have all belonged to a private vexilla that was rewarded with a land grant - or to some funky Lunar unit that accepted weirdos as long as they met the common requirement for the unit.

If it is a private vexilla, then your players just need to belong to the vexilla heroband. They might find it impossible to keep in good graces with the gods of their homeland and may need to eventually leave their traditional cult - but that's what they get for trying to settle in Dragon Pass. How long do you think a bunch of Orlanthi settlers in Glamour would last?

If it is a weird Lunar regular unit, you need to figure out why they are all in that unit and what holds it together. Is it one of the Hunting Corps units? This probably means that everyone needs to worship (at least at a pantheon common worshipper level) Lunar gods -  although no reason why they couldn't worship other things as well.


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