new ability for sorcerors

From: guy jobbins <gej865_at_...>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 11:29:10 -0000

last night i was talking with Nick and he mentioned that sorcerors seem utterly blank as characters. after some reflection i think he is totally right - one instinctively knows what a weaponthane should be like (Boastfull Challenge 17+), a Lawspeaker (Impressive Beard 1W+) or even a Lunar Governor (Oppress Natives 5W2+).

Sorcerors? No idea - 'Be Wierd' 17 is less than inspiring.

So, blatantly ripping off 'The Fast Show', I'd like to suggest that a new ability be added to those granted by the Order of Makabeus keyword, and that the ability should be 'Speak Like Sir Rowley 'Very, Very Drunk' Birkin QC'.

Consider the scene: Sorceror in his gloomy study, parchments all over the place, candles drip wax. Sorceror sits in a leather armchair before an open fire, hunting dog at his feet, bottle of fine Oslira brandy within reach. "well, hmph, wrmph nrrrh harhunphn 1623 I think it was, rurrph blurgel waaauugh - ha ha ha! A succubus sixteen stone and not an ounce less! WELL! Hurrph wurble argie argie flurble completely exploded srrrhg warphrump he he he! Never found her tail of course, blaerhagel phrum tweedle arp urgle ended up completely smelling of sulphur. Try explaining that to Rector!"

For those of you who have never seen the Fast Show and have no idea what i'm talking about, I sincerely apologise.


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