RE: Shameful confusion about Fetish/Spirit Ally rules

From: Silburn, Luke <luke.silburn_at_...>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 15:46:13 +0100

[background about spiritism confusion snipped]

>>It's the very last part of the phrase that gets me. Does a released
>>Flaming Lance 10 spirit add TEN POINTS to the hero's lance skill? >>That's
what it seems to say.Yow!

Yup. Shamanism is the up-front-big-bang style of magic, the tradeoff is supposedly (I've not played that far so don't know) that you sacrifice longer term magical power and flexibility for the quick hit. Sort of like the dark side of the Force... ;)

>>Now, I get that a fetish is temporarily "used up" by releasing it.

Ummm. Is that right? I thought a fetish is *gone* when you release it. That is you have to go and find another spirit and bind it in to a fetish (paying the HP again) if you want another bite of the cherry - or for the non-magicians, convince a specialist (shaman/practitioner whatever) to make another fetish for you.

>>BUT a spirit ally is not. The rules say a spirit ally automatically
>>returns after use.

Comes back yes, but not straight away. Use it in a scene and its gone for the rest of the scenario (or at least until there's a major cut-scene - "OK you rest for a couple of days as the raft sails gently downriver towards the Cursed Citadel, any Hurts you have are healed up and Ooga-booga comes back from the spirit plane").

>>So, it appears that someone with say, 9W2 Lance Combat and a spirit ally
>>knowing Lance of Flame 12W gets to be Flaming Lance Combat 1W4

Nope. They get an augment of +3 all the time (plus maybe a couple of other augments - Spirit Allies generally know a few different things I think) and can bump up to Flaming Lance Combat 1w4 for one scene.

>>Please tell me that isn't right.

It isn't right (I think - book isn't to hand). The way you think unbinding a fetish works is actually how releasing a Spirit Ally works. No doubt others more intimately familiar with the rules will chip in if I've got it horribly wrong.


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