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Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 13:57:59 -0000

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Hi all,
We are running a play by mail HeroQuest game on and are currently undergoing recruitment and character generation. Several of the posters are new to HeroQuest and Glorantha. We have hit a snag already as there doesn't seem to be a simple breakdown of the 20 point spending a chargen. Namely the 3 points you spend to become a devotee instead of an Initiate.

Is there a clear list like the HP spending one? Is there one on-line?
I am at work now so I am away from my books.

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Geburah wrote:
> Thanks. And some form of table with a summarized list of what you
get for each level of involvement in
theistic/shamanic/wizardly "cults" would be nice. I seem to recall that somebody made one on the net...
> In fact, a two column version would be nice, with "at chargen" in
one and "after chargen in the other...
> It would look like this:
> At Chargen
> Theism
> Communal Worshipper, cost 0
> Pantheon Keyword, Magic: Divine Aid
> Initiate, cost 0/1 if common magic keyword and magic concentration
> Pantheon Keyword, Deity Keyword, Magic: Divine Aid, Magic:
Affinities (all at 17), augments only, no active use, Magic: Named Feats can be improvised at -10, -5 if magic is concentrated, Magic: Common magic feats can be used actively if magic concentrated.
> Devotee, cost 3
> Pantheon Keyword, Deity Keyword, Magic: Divine Aid, Magic:
Automatically Concentrated, no Common magic, Magic: Affinities (all at 17), Magic: Feats (all named at 17), feats can be used actively, feats can be improvised from affinity, Magic: Secret (Only if 1W2 in all three affinities).

Darran Sims.

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