Tentacles News Post December: Register now for Tentacles Grandezza in 2005!

From: Fabian Kuechler <fabian_at_...>
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 19:32:25 +0100

Volume 6, Number 2, December 2004

~~ S l u r p F o l k s ! ~~

Welcome to the December Tentacles News Post, featuring all the latest Tentacles news and views. Feel free to forward this newsletter to friends, allies and sworn enemies. If you do not want to receive this newsletter or have a new email address please send notification to: fabian_at_...

~ A G r a n d e z z a o n t h e H o r i z o n ! ~

Well, it's time once again to kickstart our well-oiled Convention-Production-Machine - there is a Grandezza Feast on the horizon:

~ Tentacles Grandezza ~

The HeroQuest, Call of Cthulhu
and Eternal Champion Game Fest
13th-16th May 2005
Castle Stahleck, Germany

Make sure you you plan your holidays accordingly and expect the usual unusual wicked stuff at the next Tentacles Convention! Make sure you line up for:

'The Return of the Immortal Heroband' featuring Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen, Charlie Krank, Lawrence 'Loz' Whitaker, Simon Bray and many, many more..., expect fresh Freeform Games like 'And the Wulf came in from the cold' (set in Glorantha), enjoy 3 days of Non-Stop Quality Gaming, participate in tourist scaring 'Trollball Mayhem', eyewitness Random Infoshrine Madness, marvel at the 'Refill Beer Fridge' Feat at 10W2, bask in the wonderful 'Castle Illumination', listen to Live Music and witness 'Otherworldy Dancing Skills' at 10W3, waste yourself in 'The Horror Lottery', playtest spell-checked 'Author Games', surprise yourself with 'No Problem!' - Youth Hostel Management, be stunned by our 'Special Effects', buy refreshing 'Beercards TM', visit the OLAK (Only Local Area Kebabshop), listen to epic tales, tall stories and mythic panels, see the mighty River Rhine and be a guest again in our beloved medieval castle Stahleck to enjoy the company of one of the most wickedly fun and entertaining bunch of people you will ever find in this or any other worlds....

~ S i g n - u p n o w ! ~

 From the 1st January 2005 (1 second after midnight) you can sign-up for:

~ Tentacles Grandezza ~

The HeroQuest, Call of Cthulhu
and Eternal Champion Game Fest
13th-16th May 2005
Castle Stahleck, Germany

Sign-up here:

The price for residential attendees is 95 Euro* and includes bed, breakfast and dinner.

Non-residential attendees pay 25 Euro for the whole event.

Residential places are available at this price until 31st March 2005. After this date we will charge a late fee of 10 Euro.

(* The Youth Hostel is responsible for the increase in price in line with their normal price increases.)

~ T e n t a c l e s F r e s h B l o o d P r o g r a m m e ~

As an attempt to lure fresh blood and new players into our fantastic games and gameworlds Tentacles decided to set up the 'Tentacles Fresh Blood Programme'.

If you are under 21 years of age and never have been to Tentacles you qualify for one of our 10 special price residential places for only 70,- Euro!

Just write an Email with the subject "Tentacles Fresh Blood" to:


~ N e w M a i l i n g L i s t f o r T e n t a c l e s ~

With the help of our steadfast technical adviser Paul Holt we will soon activate professional server-based mailing list software that will remove the need for Fabian to send out each newsletter manually to each list member. Make sure your Email-Address is listed by sending a message with the subject "subscribe" to:


~ C o o l T e n t a c l e s G o o d i e s a v a i l a b l e ! ~

Since we just started the fire in our cold Tentacles HQ, make sure to help kindle the flame! A great way to help us is to check out:


and order the cool Tentacles Goodies available there!

Make sure you get one of the oversized Tentacles Group Photos (20x30 cm) for your empty, cold walls! Hey - look at those happy faces!

Another great item is the Tentacles Compilation CD! It is a browseable Photo-CD with pictures from Tentacles 2000-2004 + extra goodies!

While you there make sure to order our fund-raisers Ybot 4 & Ybot 5 as well!

~ N e w E d i t o r f o r Y b o t 6 ~

We are excited to announce that John Hughes himself is taking over the role as editor for our fund-raiser Ybot 6!

John will use his cutting-edge editing and layout skills to manufacture a veritable gem. O mother of beauty!

What am I talking about? Have a look at 'Moonrites' - his latest work for the Tribe.

More about this project soon....

Happy New Year!



~ Tentacles Grandezza ~
The HeroQuest, Call of Cthulhu and Eternal Champion Game Fest 13th-16th May 2005 Castle Stahleck, Germany

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