RE: Narrative Abilities are crap?

From: Mike Holmes <homeydont_at_...>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 16:01:51 -0600

>From: "Jane Williams" <janewilliams20_at_...>

>No, it means that while your relationship to your clan is still up there
>at 17, the *dramatically* important skills are those that make you
>different from the herd, not those that make you the same as everyone
>else. "Same as everybody else" = "loser", in Glorantha as much as in the
>real world.

Other folks have covered this, but, if I head to becoming the best at something that's important to my clan, I don't see how that makes my character "same as everybody else." In any case, having the same abilities as others does not, in HQ, make the character act like everyone else.

In any case, I'm not advocating making characters the "same as everybody else."

>If you want to use your 100 words on repeating bits of your keywords in
>slightly different ways so as to generate augments, there's nothing to
>stop you. Just don't expect anyone to remember your name when you're
>alive, never mind when you're dead.

By the term "individualizing", I meant precisely the non-keyword abilities that make the character an interesting individual. I'm just not sure how having the individualistic abilities be low in level makes them any less unique, nor how this has anything to do with the overall theme of the game. Again, I see HQ as being about identity in a culture, belief, and occupation, and how individuals in such a group affect that. But the primary thing has to be the sense of belonging, IMO. Which the rules do well by privilieging the keywords.


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