Re: Mysticism

From: David Cake <dave_at_...>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 13:05:30 -0400

>People seem to be getting very confused over Mysticism. I have to
>say that I found them the easiest rules to read. Also, they don't
>seem all that weak, Mystic Strikes look set to be devastating in

        Think about what the value of the mystic strike ability is likely to be, given that you need to get two levels of mastery in various other things before you even start. Now, think about how useful a potentially devastating ability really is if a) its at a low level of ability so you usually lose contests if you use it, unless its a contest you would have trivially won using your best ability and b) has devastating effects on you if you lose.

>Someone asked about the examples of Riding a Lightning Bolt, or
>having your hands turn into Raking Claws, and to me these seem
>to be Strike powers, I think there's a line or two on Strike powers
>being able to do non-combative effects, so you could have Strike
>powers such as Jump over Walls, where the resistance is the
>height of the wall.

        Yes. Useful to jump over small walls, providing you don't mind a large chance of breaking your legs if the wall turns out to be too large.

        As compared to, say, an ability to jump over walls that has a much larger chance, and probably does not need to be learnt as a separate ability, and doesn't guarantee that failure becomes utter disaster.

        Sure, you can use strikes to jump over walls - but compared to any other magical alternative, it sucks enormous rocks.


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