From: Nikk Effingham <eng7nje_at_...>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 15:47:34 GMT

People seem to be getting very confused over Mysticism. I have to say that I found them the easiest rules to read. Also, they don't seem all that weak, Mystic Strikes look set to be devastating in effect.

Someone asked about the examples of Riding a Lightning Bolt, or having your hands turn into Raking Claws, and to me these seem to be Strike powers, I think there's a line or two on Strike powers being able to do non-combative effects, so you could have Strike powers such as Jump over Walls, where the resistance is the height of the wall.

Someone also talked about how many powers you can learn. From what it indicates in the book, you can learn as many strikes as you wish. Counters seems to be a bit ambigious - each school teaches only one, and it is difficult, although not impossible to join a second or third mystic school after you have left your first. However, if a school cannot teach more than one counter, it only makes sense that you cannot learn more than one counter. But there appears to be no specific statement about it.


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