Storm Bullocks

From: Ashley Munday <ashleym_at_...>
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 00:27:09 +0100

James Turner was worried about the Praxian Keywords...

' "Praxians suffer an improvisational modifier to their weapon skills when afoot." I'm sure the Lunar cavalry do most of their fighting in the saddle, are we going to give them an improv mod also? Praxians didn't have a penalty in RQ.'

Seems okay to me... Praxians live in the saddle (NO SNIGGERING PLEASE FROM THE CHEAP SEATS!) while the Lunar Cavalry don't.

"You now need a bunch of SB shamans to provide all the SB magic."

Not really: All the SB shaman has to do is tow the worshipper to where the spirit is and let them integrate it or bind it in a fetish. If someone binds or integrates a spirit they get the multiple uses.

' "Storm bull worshippers often have the Spirit Combat ability." Which is useless.'

No it isn't! It means worshippers of Storm Bull aren't limited to one use fetishes.

"The RQ type scenarios that are long chaos hunts (such as dyskeans(?)
cavern) are very tough on SB's now because their fetishes are one use"

No they're not because the users are the ones that integrated or bound the spirits.


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