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From: James Turner <j.a.turner_at_...>
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 09:51:31 +0100

>>"Storm bull worshippers often have the Spirit Combat ability." Which is

>Not at all. Many Animist cultures improve their ability with magic by
>having the tribe refill their own fetishes, after the Shaman has
>summoned the spirits. A mass fetish-filling session

So this is like the old RQ spirit magic then. Shaman summons a combat (bladesharp 4) spirit, nomad brave defeats it in spirit combat and gets the fetish (spell). Since he defeated the spirit himself it may not be one use. This neatly solves the problem of all the one-use fetishes and constant running to shamans to get them refilled.

>Remember your genre -- Lunar Cavalry are trained troops and spend much
>of their time in training. This is not gerneally avaiable to a nomad
>and one would like to point out that, historically, groups such as the
>mongols were much poorer fighters on foot than on horseback.

Alright, I can see that an improv mod could apply to a bunch of nomads on foot at a tactical level. In one to one unmounted combat though I think a nomad is just as good a fighter as say a heortling (they are after all a very war like people).

>>What happens at the block must be a real mess now. Someone please come up
>>with a explaination of what happens when a bunch of Uroxi meet a bunch of
>>Storm Bulls.

>Somebody shouts 'Lets go to the marsh and kick some!!' and off they
>all go...

>They get drunk, beat each other up and then leave to go find Chaos to

Oh come on, If anyone is going to have strong feelings for their god it's going to raving fanatics like Uroxi/Storm Bulls. Here are two outcomes I immediately saw. Either..
They are seen as the same entity (by Gloranthans). In which case everyone is going to try out each others forms of worship. Uroxi will try to show them how to worship correctly, try to get some of those nifty integrated spirits and fetishes. After time the 'cult' becomes a wierd mixture of animist/theist or all the SB's get fully converted into theism. or.....
They are seen as distinct entities. In which case their simple berserker brains explode as they try to figure out who exaclty crushed the devil with the block etc.

>Remember, before you level scathing critques, the article was posted
>with the caveat that it was an EARLY draft which had been abandoned some
>time ago.

Which is exactly why I questioned the choice of putting it up on the webpage.
Posting it to this list may have been best until a more detailed version was available.

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