Re: Fixed-length extended contests?

From: Sam Elliot <sam.elliot1_at_...>
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 20:15:49 -0000

Nor me really, but I can imagine it could in some instances, and there are all those published materials with fairs with contests in -  I have always felt that these should interest me although they don't.

> Think about the movies that you've seen with Football in
> them - do they show the entire game?

Movies with football in them? Ah there was that Disney one, wasn't there. It was Robin Hood wasn't it? Trollball by another name.

> No, they encapsulate whole periods of play at times, and just
focus on dramatically important parts. <snip> <snip> You don't even have to cover some of the territiory
> with bids, "Hours pass with the fighting raging on generally -
then trolls start to bring up Grond..."

Yes, all this is read

> The AP are the "time" pacing tool that you need to provide
suspense, IMO.

Okay. Well, I was wandering if there were other ways to do it that had been used, like incorporating a race against the clock or the arrival of the relief troops, an explicit part of the mechanic. if there aren't, fine, I shall have to give it a go myself sometime.


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