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From: John Machin <trithemius_at_...>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 01:35:28 +1000

On Apr 6, 2005 2:38 AM, Sam Elliot <sam.elliot1_at_...> wrote:
> I get the impression that everyone is assuming the "death" in
> deathsong berserk has to be the Humakti's?
> If you interpret "berserk" as some trance-like state entered during
> combat (pretty common in such situations, as far as I understand it,
> actively "berserking" just a quick route to same). I'm sure the
> original roots of the word have little to do with the actual state of
> mind of the person or his specific intentions. That is, if a nutter is
> running at you with a bloody sword or axe and a maniacal gleam in his
> eye - you're not going to dispute what sort of nutty he is.
> If you marry both of these with the word "song", you have a
> maladjusted blokey killing other people in a more efficient way than
> usual, making anoise as he does so and unlikely to remember it all
> clearly at the end.

This makes me think of the "Ingomar uses Death Magic" story-bit from the HQ rulebook.

Humakt's "maniacal gleam" could be relentless surcease of emotion and an inability to distinguish friend and foe, only life from death - coupled with a mechanical compulsion to make life into death.

The Humakti using this magic might just tune into the song of Humakt - which is the Dirge For All Things.

Aside: Hrm - anyone got any good mythical associations between Donadar and Humakt?

John Machin
"Nothing is more beautiful than to know the All."
- Athanasius Kircher, 'The Great Art of Knowledge'.

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