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From: COPPEAU, Jean-Christophe <Jean-Christophe.COPPEAU_at_...>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 12:01:07 +0200

I like the sanity type ability myself.
The best system I have come over is the one in Unknown Armies, and I will probably adapt it for HW.
I do not remember if it is really suited for Glorantha, but I am using the HW rules in Gemini and Vampire worlds, so it will be ok for me. If it also seems to be interesting for Glorantha, I will post the result for you to comment on.


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> Anyone considered using a Sanity-type skill in HW?
> I've always really liked that mechanic, and always thought it forced
> players
> to make their characters act realistically in the face of incomprehensible
> horrors, which aren't too uncommon in Glorantha come to think of it.
> -Steve Lieb
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