Re: Hero Bands

From: Wulf Corbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 14:05:33 -0000

We'll actually be running a full Clan, with the PCs as a Warband, rather than a h/Hero band. My own character, a long-term survivor of many years RQ, will be the Warband Leader, co-Referee Andrew Graham will run another RQ veteran as Clan Chief, and as he and I know more about Glorantha than any of the others, they should take the hint when we suggest a course of action... If not a couple of Gorp or an irate Babs Gor Devotee should convince them :)

> >They will start that way, but they should quickly find a purpose,
> >else why do the local populace stand for them? What good do they
> >that makes it worthwhile feeding and housing them?
> If they are a travelling band then they're always going to have
this problem
> anyway. Or, like in the old D&D style games, they will turn up
where there
> is trouble and are typically answering a call from the local
population for
> help. Magnificent 7 style stuff.

Purpose: help the poor and opressed :)

> And that brings me onto a problem I see with Closed Openness. Your
> ain't going to like it if 4 or 5 of their heroes (even little 'h'
ones) plus
> their followers all quit to go off a-roamin', especially if they
all come
> from the same clan.

Well, the secret is to keep them busy with Clan business :) 'Check out those caves!', 'Find that Shaman!', 'We're being raided!', 'We're off raiding!', 'Chaos hunt!', 'Rubble Runner hunt!', 'Go check out that woodland before we clear it!'. Run a few years of KoDP and you'll soon run them ragged :)


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