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From: David Dunham <dunham_at_...>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 07:06:17 -0700

Steve wrote

> On the matter of raising "general" skills vs. more specific skills, I think
> I see that we're all agreeing that it's a cheap thing if you allow players
> to raise the general skill for the same cost as a specific one - i.e. that
> there should be some benefit to specialization in this sense, yes?

Actually, I don't agree. We've seen no abuses even with broad abilities like "Lucky" or "Resourceful."

And I certainly don't think the extra bookkeeping you propose is worth it!


> how have people been handling
> missle fire? I've run it as one or more simple exchanges detracting
> from the initial AP numbers on the first subsequent melee/exchange
> (which then reverted to the appropriate skills).

This is not one of the areas Hero Wars handles real well in my opinion. What you describe can work, depending on the tactical situation. It wouldn't handle an attack by a bunch of Grazers. However, it's probably the case that the Grazer's targets have magic they can "return fire" with, so it could easily end up as a normal extended contest, at range.


> As I read chapter 3 of the players guide I find myself constantly making the
> assumption that all these characters being described would actually find
> reason to quit their job and go and join some sort of anarchic Hero Band.

Hero Wars does seem torn at times between community-based games and hero bands (though arguably the latter is a community too). I know one of my playtest characters certainly was!

I think this depends on the series the Narrator wishes to run. I can see a fairly common situation where you start with nice community ties, and are then uprooted by the events of the Hero Wars. (I see Jean-Christophe suggests this as well.)

On the other hand, if the players want to run a diverse set of heroes, then the hero band is about the only plausible explanation of why they're all together.

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