Re: Re: Hero Bands

From: Timothy Byrd <timbyrd_at_...>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 10:29:41 -0700

Wulf Corbett writes:
> In HW, the Hero Band is not a traditional 'adventurer'
> group (those get the same reception they got in KoDP...),
> it's a group out after a higher purpose, even if the purpose
> is just following the Hero. Hero Bands are training for the
> Hero Wars, not just looking for some action (not, I
> admit, that the difference is often visible), and should
> follow the paths of their Gods.

As a couple others have noted, I can't really imagine any of the groups I've played with being satisfied with most players being followers to one player's leader.

Regarding "training for the Hero Wars" - does everyone know they're coming and when? Are there billboards everywhere - "Only 330 more adventuring days until the Hero Wars"? Or is it just common knowledge that "the old world is dying", but people don't really know when the end will come, ala Rangranock? Or is it only the Heroes who see it coming? (Or learn of it during their adventures, like in "Three Hearts and Three Lions"?)

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