Re: Re: mounted combat

From: Andrew Dawson <asmpd_at_...>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 22:11:39 -0400

At 10:29 PM 05/30/2000 -0700, David Dunham wrote:
>> Maybe all Praxian horses count as followers who can lend AP to Praxians.
>That's a pretty sacriligious statement, given that Praxians hate
>horses :-) Realizing you meant to write "mount," I still don't think
>*every* mount is worthy of followerhood -- and even a follower could
>only provide AP in certain situations.

D'oh. Yeah, that was a bad one. Anyway, I still would like to differentiate Praxians and others who are born in the saddle from those who are merely good cavalrymen.

I think that treating *mounts* as followers (without taking up a space on the list of ten things, maybe even) and allowing the mount or the ride skill to augment the rider's mounted abilities allows this differentiation.

Does anyone have any other ideas on how to go about this?


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