Re: Re: After Demo Dust Settles

From: Andrew Dawson <asmpd_at_...>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 22:40:59 -0400

At 10:57 PM 05/31/2000 +0100, Michael Cule wrote:
>All right, next confusing question. We have a Healer with a Self Defense
>skill. We have a nasty evil Badguy with a spear who attacks the Healer
>and her friends. They engage in an Extended Contest. At the end the
>Healer has won. How has she triumphed over the Badguy? Since the Badguy
>isn't actually hurt at all at the end of the contest can he go off and
>attack the Healer's friends despite being 'defeated'?

Apply the results of losing the extended contest to the Badguy's abilities so that he attacks at a disadvantage. If he's merely dazed/winded, that still sounds like the Healer's friends get to get away or get a free attack while he recovers.


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