Re: Contest minutiae.

From: Alain Rameau <karamo_at_...>
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000 12:30:54 -0000

That's perfectly as per the standard HW rules.

> 2) A is firing missiles at B, B is closing to melee range. A as
before. B
> resists the ranged attack with whatever seems appropriate, but AP
> based on Close Combat since the stated intention as the contest
starts is
> "I want to fight him up close".

This is definitely *not* as per the rules (as I understand them). You could do that only if you consider two different contest : one for closing, and then one for close combat, where the AP are back to normal and relevant skill becomes close combat for both.

> 3) A fires missiles at B from an ambush, B is totally surprised. A
> before. B gets AP based on Tough or whatever else he can come up
with to
> resist a surprise attack, and is stuck with that for the remainder
of the
> contest even if he manages to switch to a better ability.

It can be and advantage or an inconvenience for the attachked charater, depending on its Tough ability level. OK, it's AP will remain based on it's Tough, but his roll will be based on the relevant ability he will switch to.
You can also consider that as a simple contest (first shot against Tough), with potential injury result, and then carry on with a new close combat contest.

I think, as per all HW system, it's really up to you, depending on what dramtic atmosphere you want stress out.


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