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Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 18:07:49 EDT

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<< If the Arab is first actor, Indy would have to parry the sword with some  ability (not the gun, since that's what he does on his turn). Since Harrison  Ford was ill at that time (IIRC) he would have had to use some pukey dodge  ability. APs would be determined by the arab swordsman's 5W and whatever  Indy can muster instead of his 1W gun (which comes later).  

 Being first actor, IMO, allows you to exploit your opponent's weakness in an  unfair, unrealistic way.  


The rules are not supposed to be realistic and fair, they are supposed to be dramatic and exciting. No one would accuse the Indiana Jones movies of being realistic would they? The arab swordsman appears with and in HW terms fails to chop Indy in two, perhaps he failed his roll. Indy then succeeds with his high AP bid: " I casually pull out my gun and nonchalantly shoot him', with his high edge weapon, and goodbye swordsman. Alternatively, there was nothing to indicate that the swordsman was any good, he just had a big sword.

Keith N

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