Re: Down with blade venom!

From: Roger Nolan <roger.nolan_at_...>
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 13:24:19 +0900

> > put them in the scenario. So as soon as they post Flying Trollkin to
>> the web site...Blade Venom returns.

> This thread came at a strange time for me. I just finished reading a
> quote from Greg in TOTRM where he says that the reason Blade Venom
> doesn't appear in RQ3 is because he always hated it and told them to
> get rid of it.

I agree that the old RQ2 damage modifying Blade Venom really sucked.

However, HW has very satisfactory rules for simulating the effects of poison and I certainly see no reason why many Gloranthan cultures wouldn't have developed noxious substances which were sticky enough to apply to an edged weapon. There's certainly no doubt in my mind that Broos don't cover anything they can (including their weapons) in all manner of nasty sticky stuff hoping that they can get it into contact with.. well, anything really.

The level of defeat in a combat should probably have a carry over modifier for the following contest with the Blade venom.

Now, anyone want to say something about throwing acid?


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