Re: Spirit question

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2000 11:42:31 -0400

"James A. Holden" wrote:
> Jeff Kyer wrote, regarding the Praxian spirit cults:
> > They are now special traditions or affinties (misapplied worship)
> > learned by Shamen. Usually, you have to go to that particular spirits
> > place of power (Monkey Ruins for Oakfed, frex) to make the link. There
> > are rules for this in the Advanced and Shaman Magic chapters.
> Does anyone think it's odd that animists give theistic worship to spirits to
> get affinities? (I have no problem with theists giving theistic worship to
> spirits.) It would seem more likely to me that the Praxian shamans would
> know several of these spirits as part of their traditions, and simply
> interact with them as needed. A spirit like Dew Maid might give dew or
> moisture spirits in return for proper ecstatic worship.
> Thoughts?
> James

It depnds on the spirit or god in question. Check the rules on misaplied worship for details and ideas.

As I said, I think that there would be spirits becoming available. But in the case of some of the things avaible through these spirit cults, they may be minor godlings.

I'd rule on a case by case basis. Or let the fine folks strugglign with PraxPack come up with something....?


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