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Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2007 11:29:06 -0700

(Moving this over from the World of Glorantha list...)

LC asks;
> Speaking of which, (and this may need to to the Rules list)... is

Yeah, better over here.

> magic only supposed to ever be resisted by a personal ability (best
> relevant) or 14?

Pretty much, yes.

> For instance, somewhere in the sample resistances table it mentions
> that getting someone to betray their marriage vows or some such is xW2
> resistance. In other words, you don't roll against that person's
> "Loves X" ability, the resistance is situational.

The Sample Resistances are there to give you an idea of "normal ranges" for various activities. Some are hard-coded (The Religious Ranks and "Using Magic" ones, frex), but the others are average ability ratings - the average Dara Happan urban watchman is somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 on his combat ability - a few points either way wouldn't be amiss, but the average Urban Watchman won't be a 10w2 combatant. Numbers far out of sample ranges are for exceptional (either good or bad) people - a tribal Champion with a combat ability of only 14 is exceptional (and probably deserves a mention why he's so far below the "average") just as a Urban Watchman with a 10w2 combat ability is exceptional.

So if you're thinking of the "Seduce someone who is married or in love" resistance (page 275), it's listed as "5w to 20w2", such range being the "Love X" ability of your target - its based on the normal range for "someone in love" (figuring that if you're not "In love 5w", you're not really In Love, I suppose - "In Love 17" is pretty weak, and would probably fall under "potential partner").

So I'd say it *is* based on the "Loves X" relationship, not just a situational resistance.

> In the case of a magic love spell, would you NOT use that resistance,
> and instead only use thier "Loves X" ability?

Use the target's Ability rating.

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