Re: Transfer bogosity.

From: abohlig_at_...
Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2000 04:12:42 -0000

I've brought this up in past posts and the answers fell into two camps:

1> You are the narrator you weenie, re-Narrate those trollkin out (which may or may not work for you, I prefer having the option to keep the trollkin)

2> Change the transfer rate. Personally I think I'm going to go for dropping transfers by 50%. During one combat we had a few particularly bad runs on the part of the enemy and I began to run out of good descriptions for the 3x transfers to the players, "The <critter> casts his spear well over your head and into the hay bale, he also manages to fall over, neatly planting his forehead into a sharp rock, it can't be good for him. You are _much heartened_ and feel _very inspired_ to the tune of a 21 pt AP gain." After a few of these, every time I used the words "heartened, inspired", etc. we all snickered to ourselves (or they at me I suppose).

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