RE: Misapplied Misapplied Worship Rules?

From: Nick Brooke <Nick_Brooke_at_...>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 10:08:22 +0100

On Praxian spirit cults:

> Waha has tons of helper spirits he can provide. Thunder Bird doesn't,
> but is too large to integrate.

I clearly don't like this approach, as it involves giving all Praxians access to both spirits and affinities, and having them perform both ecstatic and sacrificial worship, which I believe to be explicitly contrary to the intent of the magic rules.

This biz about "helper spirits" is very good hand-waving, I am sure, but since you can get a spirit through misapplied ecstatic worship of someone like Saint Talor, or Pavis, or Alakoring Dragonbreaker (HW p.250: saints, heroes and petty gods), none of whom were renowned for their vast numbers of spiritual helpers, I am not remotely convinced that you can't get one from appropriate worship of the Praxian Sun Hawk.

Cheers, Nick

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