RE: Re: Misapplied Misapplied Worship Rules?

From: Nick Brooke <Nick_Brooke_at_...>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 10:08:30 +0100

Dave writes:

> Unless Trollish sorcery is to be retconned, [Arkat] was capable
> enough as a sorcerer to found a sorcerous tradition while
> simultaneously utilising trollish magics. Now, this could all be
> explained as as misapplied worship, but I don't think so.

OK, but trolls are weird, and troll magics are weird too, cf. HW-NB p.24. This has "special case" written all over it. Besides, I don't get the impression troll sorcerers are simultaneously theist worshippers to any noteworthy/powergaining extent. It's *possible* Arkat provided the resources, the teachers and the secrets, but couldn't use sorcery himself as a troll.

> I generally agree - though the God Learners were probably partial
> to a bit of misapplied veneration now and then (or even as a
> more or less steady diet, in some cases).

Absolutely. I think this was how they worked. They were the uber-misappliers of Glorantha. (At least, until we learned the Praxians have used misapplied worship for three whole Ages of history, with no sign of divine retribution. OTOH, maybe the Gift Carriers think living in Prax means they've suffered enough? :-)

> I always figured the troll sorcerers to be as good an example
> of integrating sorcery and divine worship as you could get. YMMV.

First up, I don't think they integrate it as individuals. I doubt a troll sorcerer could also be a competent theist worshipper and receive affinities and feats from sacrificial worship. And, if she could, I would wave my hands (and grind my teeth) and say that troll magics are famously obscure, and it doesn't mean humans can do the same thing. I'm pretty sure any "casual" troll users of Arkati sorcery are misapplying themselves to it, sacrificing to their sorcerous founders (more effective than ecstatic worship), and getting expensive but snazzy darkness affinities or feats, derived from the spells in Arkat's Black Grimoire, or the Lead-Bound Final Tome of Paslac, or wherever. YMMV.

Cheers, Nick

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