Re: Contest Questions

From: nikodemus.siivola <nikodemus_at_...>
Date: Fri, 02 Oct 2009 22:46:45 -0000

Replying to whole bunch of things from several emails, in no particular order:
  1. Intimidation/Mugging contest. I suppose it's an issue of different play culture, but definitely not something I'd ask for. If the footpad says: "Wait a second, I have my weapon drawn, I'm big and intimidating, and you just charge me? WTF?" -- sure, do an Intimidation/Assess-Your-Opponent or whatever contest, and _inform_ Bruno's player on the basis of that. ("Seems risky to attack him!" or "Feh, kids these days...") In my game Bruno's player he still gets to choose what he does -- always. System removing choise from players is never cool in my books. Sometimes I'm willing to allow for supernatural powers that do that, but I'd rather not do even that. Eg. Greg Stolze's comments on this in UA and Reign are worth thinking about.

1b. Coolness. Integrity always trumps coolness. You can be uncool a million times, and retain the capasity to be cool without any problems. If you lose integrity it's a lot harder to regain.

2. Zooming out. Yeah, sometimes it helps to make the system smooth. It's a feature not to have to zoom in, but I consider the occasional apparent requirement to zoom out a bug. I prefer to resort to Fiat in those cases if nothing helps. However, for the most part it's easy to work with micro-goals, and resolve on basis of those. Carryover requires some care, though, as noted.

3. No Repeat Attempts. I think I see what I think about this in a better light now. My interpretation of the rule means that for the loser the first result stands: try again, and the same happens. Not "you can't try agsin" -- which would be silly, and goes against the grain of allowing players all the choises I possibly can. If they _want_ their character to keep trying, sure -- and getting hurt in the process.

3b. I think I will actually allow retries for the winner from now on: they might lose this time, in which case they will keep losing -- so a retry is a gamble. You might get a better result, or you might lose what you've gained -- which is fine with me.

4. Implicit Stakes. Word! Hear, hear! I find delineating the exact price of failure and results of success beforehand boring -- assuming the players understanding of the stakes and their chances of success approximates that of their character. ("I jump over the chasm!" Um, you realize it's a mile deep, so if you fall... "Yeah, I know! I jump nevertheless.")

Anyways, again: many many thanks for the comments. This has clarified my thinking on several points. Maybe not enough to articulate my thoughts properly, but enough to make me happy. :)


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