ones and twenties

From: Timothy Byrd <timbyrd_at_...>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 18:08:31 -0700

Just to clear this up for me.

Say that Fred20 (combat skill 20 - the "20" in his name is silent,.BTW...) looks into an Ambiguously Cool Mirror of Opposition, and an evil clone of him with the same combat skill jumps out and attacks him. In a simple contest between them:

    Roll 1 = crit, 2-19 = success, 20 = failure.

If the same thing happens to Fred40 (skill 20W vs. another 20W, so masteries cancel), it is still the same success levels? (Plus the mastery special rule applies when determining the outcome) Or is it now possible to fumble?

Now for Fred1, the possible results would be:

    Roll 1 = success, 2-19 = failure, 20 = fumble.

How about for Fred21 (masteries cancel down to a TN of 1)? Is it the same or does a roll of 1 become a critical, now? (Jeff seemed to answer that he was playing that this case was different from 1 vs. 1)

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