Re: Errata Erratum?

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...>
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 16:52:27 +0100 (BST)


> > | Page 192 Remove the word "magical" in the sentence "Curses are
> > | resisted by the best magical resistance of the target...".
> >
> > OK... But what exactly does it mean now? What sort of 'generic
> > resistance' is it referring to? This sounds like a complete non-
> > statement: curses may be resisted by curse-resisting types of
> > abilities...
> It means that curses are resisted by the highest, most applicable ability -
> A curse of Blindness might be resisted by "Good Eyesight" or by "Resist evil
> Sorcerous Magic", which ever is higher and most applicable, just like any
> other magic.

So, a complete non-statement, as I suggested. ;-)

> > | Page 231 Replace the word "augmentations" with "enhancements" in
> > | the sentence "Appropriate magic for the optional contact
> > | modifier are...".
> >
> > I'm confused by this. Is this a deliberate 'unclarification'?
> > Are all augmentations "enhancements"? What else might an
> > "enhancement" be?
> "Enhancements" is a term that includes Augmentations (bonus to Ability
> rating), Edges, and AP lending (see HW 133). Appropriate need not produce an
> Augment, but an edge or even AP lending (eg Healing).

I was thinking that edge-granting _was_ an augmentation, but it looks like the terminology has changed slightly. Fairy nuff, I getcha. I really must try reading my various copies, sometime. ;-)


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