Magical Abilities

From: Richard Develyn <richard_at_...>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 11:13:13 +0100

My original post about magical ability potency moved into a discussion about differentiation along other lines. So, although I enjoyed David Dunham's feats example, I didn't feel it was answering my point.

But following on from it, David Cake's warning about not letting feat interpretation turn into a 'word game' was well observed. Maybe feats should be described with pictures ... or maybe when someone takes a feat they should write a little bit of back-story describing how they received it (how was it explained to them?)

Still, I would like to return to what I was trying to get at originally, maybe by approaching it this way:

In HW, what should the Wind Sword do?

(It doesn't matter if you haven't got Griffin Mountain. This is a powerful Gloranthan magic item - what should it do for you?)


Richard Develyn

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