Re: Pavis cult

From: David Stephen Bell <davebell_at_...>
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 00:58:10 -0000

Tumbleweed rolls across the list as the post darkens and curls with age...

This reminds me of the Cambodian resettlements of the seventies (AKA the Killing Fields) as hoards of sophisticated (?) Orlanthi pack up their meagre belongings and stumble out of the gates of Pavis, once more to take up the Good Life back on the stead (next door to Margo and Jerry - well the Brits'll get it).

For years we've played RQ taking characters through some of the greatest storylines of any RPG; The Monster Killer, Into the Rubble and of course The Cradle. The characters were itinerant adventurers on the whole, wanderers and vagabonds with never a mention of sweeping out the stables or worming the alynx. When was the last time Griselda attended a clan moot? (How much is a clan ring worth and where can I flog it?)

The scenarios were supported by background info such as the Pavis and Rubble boxed sets. Brilliant source material for the urban hero. This stuff is being made available again through the sterling efforts of Moon Design Pubs. and IMHO the rush back to the Land is in danger of scuppering their efforts. Yes Pavis is full of refugees from Sartar but most of the lowlives there have sussed that life is easier in the crowded alleys and a game involving urban Orlanthi (Heortlings) is as relevant now as it was back in 1980.

It doesn't look as if there will be any support for these settings so I have started to put together keywords for settled heortlings (possibly including magical keywords for Pavis, Lanbril etc.) and I'll try to post them here as soon as I can (job, kids etc. notwithstanding).

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