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Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 10:25:13 +0100

> From: "Simon Bray" <simonbray_at_...>
> I have a quick query - If a character is a devotee and has been repeatedly
>using an improvised Feat over and over, which fits with mythology, can he
>then use hero points to cement that feat and lose the improvisational
>modifier. I'll eloborate.
>During the course of the Food Thief scenario one of my players used his wind
>Affinitity to summon down a cloud into which he hid the grain and then sent
>the cloud back into the air. He did this for several nights - until I told
>him he was fatigued from doing so, and the village were getting fed up of
>the grain becoming damp. He even devised a myth for what he was doing, all
>about Orlanth using the scarf of mist to hide Ernalda's daughters from the
>Emperor's greedy servants - which I thought was cool. He then adapted the
>feat to hide some earth women, a granary and later an Ernalda statue - he
>called this feat Hide Earth in Clouds.
>What do you think? I am too nice a GM and would say yes, but is this the way
>the rules guide it? I can't work it out.

Seems perfect to me. I might borrow it.

>My next queery is why are Theist so powerful? Animist seem limited to one
>use spells, only the clergy of the Malkioni seem to have any clout and the
>mystics baffle me completely. I am talking about the common men here, not
>the all powerful.

Spirit integration _is_ very powerful (as are many one-use spirits). Mysticism I'm still not sure about (it seems designed to put off players from being mystics - which may not be a bad thing) - in any case common folk don't become mystics.


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