Re: Combat in Simple contests and other stuff.

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 17:34:49 +0100 (BST)

Michael Cule gets Variant:
I shall take the advice of Sťamus Heaney, and say nuthin', and keep saying it... ;-) However, rapidly thereafter, Mike zips back to top critical form (i.e., I agree with him...).

> Mystic (and other) Strikes.
> I would see this as an all out attack in which the attacker does not
> defend but may loose points in the ability if he fails. I don't think
> anything more complex than that is warranted.

Pretty good summary of the _existing_ rules, actually. (And hence, quite a good critique of why they're so bad...)

> Berserker Magics.
> The disadvantage of not being able to easily leave the state mean I
> don't think we need any more special rules for a berserker. He gets his
> edge and that's it.

Makes sense to me. I toyed with the idea of a 'multiple edge' rather than a 'flat edge' (e.g. xN stake rather than +M), to remove the perverse incentive to big low, when you have a big edge.

> Getting Augmentations from Magic.
> I'm against the current rules which make getting clobbered by the Gods
> is nearly as likely as getting blessed.

Indeed. Which has a simple knock-on, of course: be absurdly conservative in the size of bonus you attempt, regardless of how vital the contest is. Say what...?

> Marginal Defeat: All magical effects are -1 for the rest of the scene.
> Minor Defeat: All magical effects from this source are at -1 for the
> next week.
> Major Defeat: All magical effects from this source are unavailable until
> a ritual of purification can be performed.
> Complete Defeat: Target suffers penalty equal and opposite to the bonus
> being sought.

Not unlike the sort of thing I had in mind (and which I may have posted earlier). Though I'd definitely make the size of the penalty contingent on the size of the bonus being sought. I considered:

Marg.:  -N to augmenting ability for rest of the episode
Minor:  -2N, ditto.
Major:  -3N, "
Comp.:  -4N, "


Marg.:  -N to augmenting ability for rest of the scene
Minor:  -N to augmenting ability for rest of the episode
Major:  -N to augmenting ability for rest of the season (or year, to taste).
Comp.:  -N to augmenting ability, permanently

where N is the level of augment attempted. Or some permutation thereof.


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