Re: Combat in Simple contests and other stuff

From: viktor_at_...
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 19:50:14 -0000

Timothy Byrd says:

"The D&D reference may have been like a Freudian slip. I think APs
look a lot like D&D hit points, except they auto-regenerate between fights. While RQ hit points are damage points, APs and D&D hps both seem to refer to how well things are going for a character/hero."

Except that, from my calculations, if "Hero" has more mastery than
"Foe", the great percentage of time (Hero Points not figured in), Foe
is going to *feeding* Hero with APs, and not just spinning them off into thin air, as happens in D&D.

To my mind, that's the vital difference in the AP system that makes it really interesting--there's room for actual passing back and forth of APs. The only other system I've ever used that had even a touch of this kind of feel was HarnMaster with it's "Tactical Advantage" results in the combat system.


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