Re: multiple attacks

From: viktor_at_...
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 19:55:39 -0000

Alexandre Lanciani wrote:

" Indeed the rules seem to discourage such a tactics. Not only you take a penalty (*) but the opponents all defend with their best roll and you only get to divide your bid between them, in sum doing no more (generalized) total damage than if you just attack one opponent, but with a lot of disadvantages.

        So why should one opt to attack (or, rather, act against) multiple adversaries rather than taking them one at a time?"

I don't think that's precisely right, Alexandre. If you win, you get to divide your winnings around amongst your opponents *as you choose*. You can choose to dump all the transfer/forfeit on a small number, thus going for the 'knock em out as soon as you can' strategy, or spreading them around, going for the 'weaken the whole damn lot' strategy.

>From a glance, it looks like these mechanics would actually work quite
well if you were, say, a 15w2 Swordsman fending off a horde of eight 10-skill trollkin...


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