A Different Feat Question

From: LunarLackey_at_...
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 19:20:56 EDT

Hello All

Well, I've run my second session of Hero Wars and so far so good. I have a question about feats, however. It has to do with resistances for some of the feats. Let's take for example something like "Run on Tree Top" or "Land Safely" what have folks been using a resistance for such feats? Should I, in most cases, just treat it as a standard ability test? That was my first inclination but I feel that might be being too lenient. In the case of "Land Safely" on the sample resistances on page 119 main book it states that jumping down safely from a small tree or rooftop should have a resistance of 1w to 20w, now should I just use that as my guideline or are those numbers meant for someone who is simply using a standard leaping ability and assume magical "feat" should be easier. But how much easier should it be? I'm curious to know what people think. Also on a related note how are people interpreting such feats as "Paralyzing Bite" or "Deadly Spear Throw"? It seems they should more than just a extended AP bidding contest, but making them a simple contest seems excessive, any thoughts?
Big thanks in advance to anyone who can offer any assistance. I'm enjoying the systems and absolutely loving the game world, there are just a few points I'm unclear about.

Ray Colina

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