Re: Permanent bonuses

From: Simon Hibbs <simonh_at_...>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 14:30:21 -0000

That's something I sorely miss from the drafts, it was a wondefull idea.

For those who don't know, you were allowed to say things like "Africk is a noted Weaponthane (keyword giving Close Combat) especialy when wielding his grandfather's Greatsword (Bonus when using this sword)."

The bonus you got depended on how common the circumstance of the bonus is likely to be. A very common bonus is +1/-1 (+1 when under the condition,
-1 in it's absence), a less common circumstance gives +3 and a rare circumstance gives +6. Since Africk carries his Grandfather's greatsword
about most of the time, it's probably a +1/-1 bonus. If he was especialy
known for fighting lefties, he'd probably get +3 against left handed people and Dragonewts.

This is a very nice idea, and it's a tragedy that it was left out of the
final draft. It's also one way to handle weapons and armour. If the character doesn't have the weaon or armour mentioned on the character sheet, then you get no bonus since you're not accustomed to handling the weapon and are clumsy and awkware while fighting in armour.

Simon Hibbs

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