Re: Berserking Revisited m2

From: Bigfoot <bfoot_at_...>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 10:56:19 +0100

> I would like to again thank all of you who have posted oppinions and
> suggestions on this and to those who took time at Convulsion to talk
> to my lost sheep (or is that Raptor). I am now confident that he will
> never again turn away from a fight against undead chaos or go Berserk
> against lowly Trollkin.

> Jarec

I would like to second that breif thought and pay a personal note of thanx to those people who helped me out , its not easy , and no one every said it was , to learn glothanther and the finer workings of humakt. I NOW  understand humakt , and thanx to Rodrick i understand a few of the minor points far clearer. In referance to the lost sheep i was but now the sheep has been transformed into a raptor. As grey says "there is always another way except if your out numbered 40-1 , and already losing in combat , then berserk is an option, but just an option.


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