RE: Digest Number 196

From: Adam Benedict Canning <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 01:06:31 +0100

> As Roderick said at C2K, if you do divination to Humakt and ask "Should I
> attack those 1000 warriors with my 10 men?", then he would answer "Of
> course you should, stop wasting my time". If you ask "Will we be killed by
> them?" then he would answer "Of course you will, stop wasting my time", or
> "Who cares? You'll die eventually, why not now?".

Besides to be properly Humakti one would ask given these 10 warriors, How do I kill the largest possible number of those 1000 men over there.

> > RQ gave Humakt with "Heal" spell, but I interpret this as
> "Continue despite
> I don't know if that's exactly a valid argument. RQ gave just about
> EVERYONE and their duck a spirit magic heal spell. Did Humakt have
> access to a Rune Heal Spell? That would be a more powerful indicator of
> what's what.

RQ3 Humakt grants Heal Wound and Spellteaching for Heal.

Zorak Zoran for example doesn't grant Spelllteaching for Heal.


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