Re: Spit Down Wind

From: Wulf Corbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 10:18:54 -0000

> Do I understand you well ? For you creativity & originality mean
> *specific* game mechanics for, in this case, "Spit Down Wind". Is
that it ?

Nope, quite the opposite. I was trying to get AWAY from mechanics and look for some more 'in character' descriptions of Feats. Not what they MEAN again, but what they do, what they look like. Does a Yinkini always bite the back of your neck using 'Paralyzing Bite'? How does a Vingan get UP to the treetop to use 'Run Across Treetops'? Do you need phlegm to use 'Spit Down Wind'?

> suppress winds, tornadoes, storms, etc... but not to eliminate
clouds, rain
> & snow or perhaps only with a heavy penalty. It means that you can
use it
> against flyers who use the wind to either ground them or crash

... or who have powers derived from the wind, like Orlanthi.

> For contrast, let's consider the Ernalda the Leader "Force Flier to
> feat. It can be used against *all* flyers (solar, mystic, birds,
> whatever...).

I hadn't noticed that Feat... nice one...

>It doesn't hurt them (they don't crash down for a last embrace
> with Ernalda !).

They might on a Complete Success...

> Is the above still very ho-hum ?!? Don't think so, but as always
> YHWMV/YGMV... ;o)

No, it's just what I was talking about. It's NOT just 'I bid 7 AP'. But I still prefer Extended Contests. even if they do degenerate into AP fights.


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