Re: Converting a low-level RQ campaign

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 17:46:15 -0000

Jane Williams

> Spirit magic: how do I represent this in HW? Some spells will just
> transalte as abilities, some perhaps as edges on personal weapons
> (Bladesharp focus on a spear), but how about the duck with STR7 and
> three points of Strength spell to make up for it?

I think spirit magic is affinities. Swordhelp is a good baldesharp equivalent, but there is nothing 'wrong' with Orlanth having a Bladesharp feat in his combat affinity if you like the old names. or for the players to improvise it. Similarly if you are mainly using Strenght for combat you could use Overbear Foe as an equivalent feat or just add Strength of the Thunderer or something similiar. Ducks are in AR, which is in the UK, they have small at 10 (and 14 confusingly) to reflect their low size. HW is a bit more abstract so I would worry less about the effects in game terms, just don't allow most ducks to use weapons with a high rank, they would not be able to wield them effectively.

> The male PCs are new initiates of Orlanth. Which aspect? By
> occupation, they're just normal farmers, crafters, fishers, that
> sort of thing. Sure, one of them would like to be a full-time
warrior, and one would like to be a priest, but they're a long way from it at the moment.  

> So OA, OT and so on don't seem right. I can't find a "worshippers"
> section for an Aspect that says "normal males", other than Orlanth
> great God.

There has been a bit of a debate on the Orlanth the Farmer/Barntar/Orlanth Thunderous issue here. I guess that TR will give us some more info. Until then my take is that Orlanth Thunderous who has a Fertilty affinity to help with crops, fields etc. is actually the main male god (similarities to Thor the main male god for farmers in Norse culture) with Orlanth the Farmer and Barntar being for specialists. Remember under HW changing worship within a Pantheon is a lot easier so if OA seems more appropriate later they should be able to change (though they would lose some affinities and gain new ones at a starting level).


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