Re: Animist Question

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_...>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 15:43:26 +1300

Wulf Corbett:

>Me>So where do ghosts and disease spirits get their physical bodies
> >from?
>Good question. Only two answers I can see:

>1)Ghosts, Disease & Healing spirits don't work the way the current
>rules are written. If they do, then they should suffer Alien World
>modifiers when disembodied, making them either pathetically weak when
>disembodied, or massively powerful when embodied. We do need the
>embodiment modifier (embodied spirits don't get the -20) to make
>Animism possible - if all spirits have Alien World modifiers
>regardless of embodiment, Shamans would have to face monstrous spirits
>in the Otherworld to get usable ones in the middle world. Possibly all
>the Spirits from the 'Otherworld Spirits' section of Anaxials should
>be excluded from the Alien World modifiers.

Look at Anaxial's Roster p188

         Otherworld entities suffer the alien world modifier when
         they are in the Inner Plane or any Outer World except their
         own (see Narrator's Book p32).  *This reduction is already
         reflected in the statistics provided here*.  If a hero
         encounters an entity on its native plane (e.g. a nymph in
         the Spirit World, a certamus in the Sky Realm or a Monocerous
         in the Sorcery Plane), increase all its abilities by +20.

>By the way, I did say 'most' spirits need a body, ghosts were one of
>the exceptions I was thinking of (few animistic traditions would
>summon them, so they wee not immediately relevant to the topic).

I don't have much time for theories that require significant _ad hoc_ exceptions for common classes of spirits without compelling reasons.

--Peter Metcalfe

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