Re: Limitation of magic use

From: Alexandre Lanciani <takenegi_at_...>
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 11:42:19 +0100

Il giorno 7-12-2000 11:27, Alain Rameau, karamo_at_... ha scritto:

> Depending on the success of the enchantement, the shaman is generally
> limited in the number of use of a spirit in a fetish.
> I haven't found similar limitations for the other types of magic. For
> exemple, for theism, the god may get annoyed of being asked a service
> (especially the same feat) all the time. Isn't there any rule to
> limit the use of feats ?

    The God of statistics might get offended! ;-) That is, if you keep on using magical abilities (to augment, frex) you'll end sooner or later with a penalty, which must represent your God's displeasure. The same happens with any other ability, of course, but one can't blame the Gods for everything, now, can he?

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